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Carol Megge Discusses “Finding Character”

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Carol Megge provides us an interesting perspective into what Samuel Johnson has taught her about writing. Based on ideas presented by Mr. Johnson, Carol has discovered our own fictional heroes, heroines and villains have weaknesses and flaws they must conquer, or at least realize, in order to change. In romances these changes ensure an HEA ending. This blog promises to stir your own thoughts about conquering weaknesses.

Dialogue and Action Tags

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Today, Michael Ditchfield gives us his perspective on the use of dialogue tags. Join us as Michael discusses how not to overuse those two pesky words, “said” and “asked”.

The Infamous Butt Glue

by SSRA Blog Contributor

The Butt Glue strikes again! Linda Tillis finds herself in a Butt Glue induced fantasy that fills her head with new and thrilling ideas for her next manuscript. Think it can’t happen to you? Accept the Butt Glue challenge and find out for yourself.

Butt Glue: Friend or Foe?

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Casey Cook has a warning for anyone who thinks that applying Butt Glue is a joke. Her experience with Butt Glue illustrates how this glue not only inspires a writer to write, it can be a bully! Heed the spirit of the Butt Glue… you might not be able to stop writing once it’s applied.

Boogie Writes: BREAD

by Jennifer Taylor

This week’s Boogie Writes is definitely not Gluten Free. Jennifer Taylor mixes her love of bread and writing, serving us a new perspective on how both of these elements combine to create something wonderful. Enjoy!

Boogie Writes : The Phone Call

by Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor shares a personal experience on how a writer’s life can be thrown into chaos just by the ringing of the telephone. How do you handle the family crisis that impacts your ability to stay on schedule? Jennifer welcomes your perspective on circumstances that have caused you to adjust your daily writing life.

Loretta’s Thursday Tidbit – Genre Fiction

by Loretta C. Rogers

For the next few weeks, Loretta Rogers will provide us with the basic principles for writing genre fiction. While there is no step-by-step formula for writing each genre, Loretta suggests that the best way to learn how to write your genre of choice is to read as much as possible in that particular genre.