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Tax-time for Writers

by Loretta C. Rogers

Happy Thursday! Today’s post by Loretta C. Rogers provides us with much needed information about filing taxes as an unpublished author. While Loretta encourages everyone to talk to their own tax professional, this Thursday Tidbit blog has a lot of very valuable and timely information. Enjoy!

Pacing Your Novel

by Loretta C. Rogers

Here is the latest in a series of “Tidbit Thursday” blogs written by Loretta C. Rogers. In today’s tidbit, Loretta addresses another writer’s problem, the importance of pacing. Loretta shares ideas and ways to overcome this potential dilema. Enjoy!

Help…I Have Writer’s Block

by Loretta C. Rogers

One again, Loretta Rogers provides us with a blog for “Tidbit Thursday” and addresses the old problem of writer’s block. Loretta also shares ideas and ways to overcome this common phenomena. Enjoy!

Motivation for Prodding Your Muse #11

by SSRA Blog Contributor

For your reading pleasure, here is the eleventh in a series of motivational blogs provided by SSRA member Barbara Cairns. Each blog is an excerpt from “The Writer’s Devotional” and provides inspirational messages for us as writers. Once again, please enjoy!