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Executive Board Meeting Agenda – January 13, 2018


Sunshine State Romance Authors RWA #225 Executive Board Meeting Agenda January 13, 2018   Call to Order –   Roll Call –   Ascertain Quorum –   Approve Minutes- September 23rd, 2017   Committee Reports –   Historian-   Librarian-   Sunshine Tidings-   Publicity-   Critique/beta reader program-   Old Business   Membership drive […]

January 13, 2018 – General Meeting Agenda


Sunshine State Romance Authors RWA #225, Inc. General Meeting Agenda Homosassa Library~10AM-1PM~Sat. Jan. 13, 2018   Call to order; Welcome New Members and Guests! Intro new board members Approval of Minutes 11, 2017 Board Reports Secretary: Treasurer: VP-Communications: VP-Programs :   Committee Reports Librarian- need to fill this position Historian Publicity Sunshine Tidings/Tributes & Hospitality […]

Five Ways to Become a Successful Author

by Loretta C. Rogers

As part of SSRA’s Five Year Anniversary, National/International Bestselling Author Loretta Rogers, provides some history on the creation of SSRA, and also shares five great ideas that might just help us all become successful authors. Thank you, Loretta!

Butt Glue Sees the Other Side

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Toni S. Harris accepted the Butt Glue challenge and was surprised at the results. It seems the “Butt Glue Dude” prompted Toni to make a trip north. Where did they go and why? Well, it’s all here… come join Toni on her Butt Glue adventure!

Boogie Writes: BREAD

by Jennifer Taylor

This week’s Boogie Writes is definitely not Gluten Free. Jennifer Taylor mixes her love of bread and writing, serving us a new perspective on how both of these elements combine to create something wonderful. Enjoy!