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Help…I Have Writer’s Block

by Loretta C. Rogers

One again, Loretta Rogers provides us with a blog for “Tidbit Thursday” and addresses the old problem of writer’s block. Loretta also shares ideas and ways to overcome this common phenomena. Enjoy!

Boogie Writes: War of the Goal-Makers

by Jennifer Taylor

Do you have trouble balancing your writing life with your personal or business life? This month’s Boogie Writes finds Jennifer Taylor attempting to do just that. Perhaps she has the secret that will help us all find our own writer’s balance. Read on!

Boogie Writes: ISBN Grateful

by Jennifer Taylor

In this month’s Boogie Writes, Jennifer Taylor expresses her appreciation for the support provided by each and every member of SSRA, and the generosity of the many published authors within the chapter who are always willing to share their vast knowledge of the craft and the publishing world.

Boogie Writes: Chicken Fat

by Jennifer Taylor

This months’ Boogie Writes takes us back to our elementary school days. Gym class in particular. Why, you ask? What could this possibly have to do with writing? You’ll just have to read the latest from Jennifer Taylor to find out. Enjoy!

Boogie Writes: BREAD

by Jennifer Taylor

This week’s Boogie Writes is definitely not Gluten Free. Jennifer Taylor mixes her love of bread and writing, serving us a new perspective on how both of these elements combine to create something wonderful. Enjoy!

Boogie Writes : Surviving the Dark Moment

by Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor turns this months “Boogie Writes” over to Loretta Rogers. Last month, Jennifer asked readers to share any experiences they’ve had with dark moments in their writing career. Loretta Rogers has kindly agreed to share her own experiences in surviving a dark moment.

Boogie Writes : The Phone Call

by Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor shares a personal experience on how a writer’s life can be thrown into chaos just by the ringing of the telephone. How do you handle the family crisis that impacts your ability to stay on schedule? Jennifer welcomes your perspective on circumstances that have caused you to adjust your daily writing life.

Boogie Writes : All for the Love of Pencils

by Jennifer Taylor

Once again, Jennifer Taylor’s “Rubberband Man” proves he is a sensitive and surprising man, even though he hates pencils. Ah, but there is a solution… read Jennifer’s latest blog to find out her Valentine’s Day surprise.