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This March, declare WAR with your NOVEL

by Dylan Newton
Dylan Newton
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Dylan Newton

President at SSRA
Dylan Newton was born and raised in a small town in Upstate New York where the local library was her favorite hang-out. Despite earning a degree in English Literature, Dylan spent more than a decade sidetracked by an executive position in corporate America where she swears she contracted testosterone poisoning. After leaving, she dedicated herself to more estrogen-rich passions, like motherhood, writing romance novels and her never-ending quest for the perfect date night.

Dylan married her high-school sweetheart and they are busy living out their own happily ever after in sunny Florida with their two incredible daughters and a snoring Shiz-Tsu.

Dylan can be found online at:
Dylan Newton
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March is named after Mars, the Roman God of war, and as such, I thought it fitting that we launch an offensive attack on our novels! That’s right–be warned, oh works-in-progress! Gird your loins, novels-without-contracts! March is the month of you will heed our writer-ly demands, or be revised within an inch of your manuscript […]

Michele Fowler – My Butt Glue Challenge

by Mikki Cober

Michele Fowler’s month with Butt Glue was filled with new experiences, both good and bad, but all to help make her a better writer. Read on and don’t be afraid to accept the Butt Glue Challenge. It can change your life!