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Boogie Writes: Thankful Thanksgiving

by Jennifer Taylor

Sometimes we need to stop and be thankful for those around us who give us so many unique gifts. And never forget to be thankful for our own strength and perseverance as we strive to write that next book. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Boogie Writes: Your Own Private Idaho

by Jennifer Taylor

Find that sweet spot that we writers strive for, a zone where the real world dissolves and nothing exists but the characters and the story. In this week’s Boogie Writes, Jennifer Taylor has some ideas on how to find our own “Private Idaho”.

Boogie Writes: The Rubberbandman

by Jennifer Taylor

Everybody loves a superhero, and it’s not always Superman or Batman. The Rubberbandman qualifies as a special super hero, and Jennifer Taylor is wishing her Rubberbandman a very happy Anniversary.