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The W.A.R.P. Principle

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Michael Ditchfield provides an interesting piece on W.A.R.P – Workflow, Action, Risk and Priority. Don’t know what W.A.R.P is? Then you have to read this latest blog. Enjoy!

Help…I Have Writer’s Block

by Loretta C. Rogers

One again, Loretta Rogers provides us with a blog for “Tidbit Thursday” and addresses the old problem of writer’s block. Loretta also shares ideas and ways to overcome this common phenomena. Enjoy!

Plot Inspiration for Your Next Novel

by Loretta C. Rogers

On this latest Tidbit Thursday blog, Loretta C. Rogers provides insight into the various types of plot definitions, and examples of novels that match those definitions. The examples provide a level of clarity for us to better understand the types of books one might read to gain a better understanding of creating a plot line for a particular story. Every writer struggling to develop a coherent and cohesive plot for their latest novel will find this blog insightful.

The Struggle is Real!!

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Linda Tillis shares her most recent “Aha!” moment as an author, a story teller and as a writer. After reading this blog, you may find your own “Aha!” moment. If you do, here’s hoping it will inspire you to overcome the latest obstacle in your writer’s path. Enjoy!

Motivation for Prodding Your Muse #6

by SSRA Blog Contributor

This is the sixth in a series of motivational blogs provided by SSRA member Barbara Cairns. Each blog is an excerpt from “The Writer’s Devotional” and provides inspirational messages for us as writers. As always, please enjoy!

A Dear John for Butt Glue

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Tiffani Lynn writes a “Dear John” letter to our SSRA mascot, Butt Glue. Tiffany describes their tender relationship and sadly laments how their passion came to an inevitable sticky end.