Romantic Thriller Writer & USMC Veteran, C.T. Charles

The best-selling literary genre in the world: romance novels. In its top 20 sub-genres is military romance. Have you ever thought about writing military romance? Or wanted to add a SEAL Team hero or kick-ass uniformed heroine to spice up your story? Clearly novels featuring a military element are growing in popularity. But before you decide to add that Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine to your next novel, hopefully you made sure you got A Veteran’s POV on Writing Military Romance with USMC Veteran and romantic thriller writer C.T. Charles at Sunshine State Romance Authors’ November meeting.

Cheryl developed this program to give writers with limited to no military background insights into the military mind and subculture that only a veteran can provide to help add layers and realism to plot, setting and characters and to keep your readers from calling you out or worse – not reading your book – because a military detail was wrong so they know you didn’t do your research. Hint: Those episodes of Hogan’s Heroes or Gomer Pyle aren’t even close.

During the program, we discussed the appeal of military romance and covered topics like military customs and traditions, jargon, rank structure, uniforms, and the differences between the branches of service as well as between treatment and duties of male and female vets. We talked about life on duty and off, including the unique challenges, hardships, dangers, and rewards of service for the vets, including their spouses and children, especially during war and combat. We closed with a Q&A and information those in attendance could take with them on how and where to find the resources necessary to continue their research to ensure their military romance and characters are authentic, accurate, and ‘squared away’ (if you don’t know what that means, you would have found out if you had made it to the meeting on November 21st. 🙂