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The Secrets To Pacing In Your Novel


Loretta C. Rogers, President of Sunshine State Romance Authors and an award-winning, multi-published author presented “The Secrets to Pacing in Your Novel” to members and guests at our November General Meeting. During this priceless seminar, Loretta showed how important the pace of a novel in any genre is and demonstrated how to strengthen a weak plot through […]

Take Your Manuscript from Snore to “More!”

Self-Editing Banner

On Saturday, Oct. 26th, we had fantastic workshop on self-editing your manuscript given by our own SSRA VP and Paranormal Romance Author, Dylan Newton. During the workshop, Dylan gave us some great information to help our manuscripts shine. For example, we learned: Clues on how to know where you’ll need to make surgical cuts in your […]

Crime & Suspense


For our August general meeting program, we were privileged to have Luis F. Aran, a retired Police Officer turned Private Investigator and Security Advisor (and nicknamed “The Smiling Cop”), tell us all the details of his life as a cop and P.I. For those of us with any crime/suspense in our WIPs, Luis was a […]

Researching the Historical Romance


Do you know the difference between a chemise and a shift? What were the rules for dancing? What’s the difference between a Regency Novel and a Regency Historical Romance? If you’re writing an American historical, what timeframe qualifies? All of the answers to these questions, and MORE, were provided in Anna’s detail-rich presentation, including a […]

Costume & Characterization


How you dress your character is crucial to how they are perceived by your reader. Our very own Anna Small gave us a very insightful examination of how costume helps MAKE your character well-rounded, and how dress speaks volumes. Also during our April meeting, Anna Small was presented with a certificate from SSRA to recognize her recent […]