JANUARY 26: General mtg immediately followed by Board mtg—all Committee Members must attend

  • 2013, and SSRA 2013 Programs/Goals and Updates. 
  • Your 2013 Writing Goals: How to set your writing goals for this year and achieve them.
  • SSRA Loop Treasure Map: Overview of the resources and content available in our member’s only loop.
  • “Nuts and Bolts”: First Page Do’s and Don’ts: What should your first manuscript page do, and what will cause it to fail.


  • Multi-published erotic romance author Evangeline Anderson will be taking us through How to Write a Love Scene, answering your questions on writing love scenes from the steamy to the erotic–a great Valentine’s gift, indeed! Author signing after the event.
  • 2013 SSRA Budget for your review.

** MARCH 23: Prod Your Muse internal contest begins.

  • You’ve Written a Novel…Now What?  Query Letters, Synopsis and Pitch Workshop. This program will walk you through the key pieces necessary to query…and snag an agent or editor. Applicable to every author/genre, this will provide in-depth guidance for writing the query and synopsis and crafting an effective face-to-face pitch for those attending summer conferences.

APRIL 27 (Board meeting from 2-5pm—Committee Members must attend)

  • Costume & Character. How you dress your character is crucial to how they are perceived by your reader. our very own Anna Small will give you a very insightful examination of how costume helps MAKE your character well-rounded, and how dress speaks volumes.
  • Researching the Historical Romance. Do you know the difference between a chemise and a shift? What were the rules for dancing? What’s the difference between a Regency Novel and a Regency Historical Romance? If you’re writing an American historical, what timeframe qualifies? All this and MORE in Anna’s detail-rich presentation, including a handout on fantastic online resources for those of us writing historicals.

** MAY 25th

JUNE 22nd:

Brainstorming: Workshops, Schedule and Events for 2014This month’s program, originally Platform Building and Gaining a Readership, as been tabled for a later date due to upcoming conferences and board duties taking precedence. Instead, we will be using the time to solidify our workshops, schedule and events for 2014.

This will give us a much-needed breather from constant programming, and much-needed brainstorming so that we can ensure we’ve taken the time to get your input on next year’s events. To that end, please be thinking about the following for the meeting:

  1. What workshops would YOU like to see offered in 2014? What would benefit YOU most as a writer?
  2. Thinking about our community, and of our continuing mission to get writers published, what would help you on your journey to becoming published?
  3. What sorts of programs would you like to see offered as a PAID workshop?
  4. Who do you know if our community (or nearby) that might be willing to come in and offer an ‘expert’ program (such as those from the female veteran, and the ghost hunters that we had last year)?
  5. Are YOU willing to be a speaker at one of our programs next year, and if so, what skill/area of expertise would you be able to offer our members?

Dylan, our VP and Programs Director, looks forward to hearing your opinions and to chatting with you about all of the outstanding programs we will have planned for 2014. See you there!

JULY 27: (General mtg immediately followed by Board mtg—all Committee Members must attend)

  • Navigating & Utilizing the SSRA Website with SSRA Webmaster, Cheryl Charles
  • Re-cap of RWA Conference from July 17-20; Nominating Committee responsibilities and 2013 Open Board positions.


  • Guest speaker Luis F. Aran for Crime/Suspense genre: Retired Police Officer turned Private Investigator and Security Specialist, will speak about his experiences on the job. This is a great opportunity to ask questions as it relates to the crime/suspense genre!
  • Nominating Committee Selected

** SEPTEMBER 28: (General mtg immediately followed by Board mtg—all Committee Members must attend)


Self-Editing Session: This is a do-not-miss workshop on self-editing your manuscript. Useful for both new writers and veterans alike, SSRA President and Paranormal Romance Author Dylan Newton will be walking you through all you need to know to take your manuscript from Snore to “More!”In this month’s workshop, you’ll learn the following:

  • Clues on how to know where you’ll need to make surgical cuts in your manuscript to give you a tighter, better novel.
  • When you need to kill your darlings, and how to ‘recycle’ them for future works.
  • A walk-through of how to use MS Word editing features to help in your self-editing process.
  • How to spot passive voice and (even better) how to correct it.
  • Getting out of the telling vs. showing habit.
  • and more!

PLUS…at the end of this workshop, we will be testing our new skills and you will get to see a real-life example of edits on a manuscript before and after edits!


  • The Secrets To Pacing In Your Novel: Presented by Loretta C. Rogers, President of Sunshine State Romance Authors, and an award-winning, multi-published author. The pace of a novel in any genre is important. During this free seminar, she will show how to strengthen a weak plot through the use of pacing to keep readers turning pages and coming back for more.
  • Elections for 2014 Officers


  • Holiday Party

** Members Workshop