PROD YOUR MUSE is our annual SSRA Members-Only Contest. Each year participants agree to write a 65,000 word novel. The prize? The first draft of a novel!

Congrats to our 2012 PROD YOUR MUSE Finishers:
Loretta Rogers, Carol Megge, Kate Lavorgna, Jennifer Taylor, and Dylan Newton

The time is finally here for the

Official PYM start date: March 1, 2013
Official end date: Dec. 20, 2013 (You have 9 full months to birth your novel).

Finished word count: 65,000 words (Can your word count go over 65K? Absolutely.)

PYM Challenge Guidelines:

Beginning PYM word count: Not over 15,00 words. If you’ve begun a new WIP remember, if the word count is over 15,000 words that gives you an unfair advantage over someone who is beginning with zero words. Please play fair.

Weekly word count report-in time: Every Sunday–no later than 10 PM (word counts after Sunday 10 PM will not be counted–add it to the next Sunday’s report-in time).

Where to report word count: On the SSRA loop.

What to do when you finish your PYM novel:

  1. At the holiday party on Dec. 21st, print off your finished manuscript (make sure you have a header on it)
  2. Bring it to the party to give to the PYM cheerleader and her assistant, who will then check to make sure you’ve met the 65,000 word limit.
  3. Your name will then be put in the PYM pot so, hopefully, you’ll be the winner of half the pot.

Why should you participate in PYM?

  1. By December you will have bragging rights to a finished novel.
  2. You are eligible to win half the PYM pot.
  3. Weekly word count check-ins spurs motivation.
  4. Competition is healthy.
  5. Having a finished novel moves you one step closer to the submission process, which moves you a step closer to achieving RWA® PRO status.

So, all you Mermaids and Mermen, flip your fins and rise to the challenge of surfing the PYM wave!