Butt Glue

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Butt Glue Sees the Other Side

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Toni S. Harris accepted the Butt Glue challenge and was surprised at the results. It seems the “Butt Glue Dude” prompted Toni to make a trip north. Where did they go and why? Well, it’s all here… come join Toni on her Butt Glue adventure!

The Infamous Butt Glue

by SSRA Blog Contributor

The Butt Glue strikes again! Linda Tillis finds herself in a Butt Glue induced fantasy that fills her head with new and thrilling ideas for her next manuscript. Think it can’t happen to you? Accept the Butt Glue challenge and find out for yourself.

Butt Glue: Friend or Foe?

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Casey Cook has a warning for anyone who thinks that applying Butt Glue is a joke. Her experience with Butt Glue illustrates how this glue not only inspires a writer to write, it can be a bully! Heed the spirit of the Butt Glue… you might not be able to stop writing once it’s applied.

Butt Glue & Craft: Meals for the Mind

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Darlene Corcoran shares her experiences with the Butt Glue. She compares the results gained when she applied Butt Glue to her writing, to the satisfaction one receives from an excellent meal. Think you may be hungry for your turn at applying Butt Glue? If you are, then don’t hesitate to sample what Darlene has to say…

Don’t Give Up: What Butt Glue Teaches Us

by SSRA Blog Contributor

SSRA Blog Contributor

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“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ― Thomas A. Edison Have you ever considered giving up? Good news, you are not alone. I’m going to give you a few example of others who almost pitched in the towel and left […]

Michele Fowler – My Butt Glue Challenge

by Mikki Cober

Michele Fowler’s month with Butt Glue was filled with new experiences, both good and bad, but all to help make her a better writer. Read on and don’t be afraid to accept the Butt Glue Challenge. It can change your life!