Butt Glue

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The W.A.R.P. Principle

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Michael Ditchfield provides an interesting piece on W.A.R.P – Workflow, Action, Risk and Priority. Don’t know what W.A.R.P is? Then you have to read this latest blog. Enjoy!

For Mr. Glue…

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Carol Megge shares her thoughts about her mentoring relationship with an old friend, Mr. Glue. But to us in SSRA he is known as the infamous Butt Glue. Read on to discover Carol’s latest experience with “the Glue”.

A Dear John for Butt Glue

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Tiffani Lynn writes a “Dear John” letter to our SSRA mascot, Butt Glue. Tiffany describes their tender relationship and sadly laments how their passion came to an inevitable sticky end.

Butt Glue Love Affair – Not!

by Loretta C. Rogers

Not to be outwitted by a very sneaky bottle of Butt Glue, Loretta Rogers relates how she outsmarted the fiendish white bottle of goop that almost refused to let her go!