Butt Glue & Craft: Meals for the Mind

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Darlene Corcoran shares her experiences with the Butt Glue. She compares the results gained when she applied Butt Glue to her writing, to the satisfaction one receives from an excellent meal. Think you may be hungry for your turn at applying Butt Glue? If you are, then don’t hesitate to sample what Darlene has to say…

Boogie Writes: BREAD

by Jennifer Taylor

This week’s Boogie Writes is definitely not Gluten Free. Jennifer Taylor mixes her love of bread and writing, serving us a new perspective on how both of these elements combine to create something wonderful. Enjoy!

May SSRA President’s Post

by Dylan Newton

If you read my President’s post from last year (find it HERE), you’ll know May stands for Mayhem in my house! Too many things are ending at the same time, and I’m barely dreading water, frazzled in my attempt not to drown in my shark-infested (and largely self-induced) sea of responsibility. This picture, although taken before […]

Boogie Writes : Surviving the Dark Moment

by Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor turns this months “Boogie Writes” over to Loretta Rogers. Last month, Jennifer asked readers to share any experiences they’ve had with dark moments in their writing career. Loretta Rogers has kindly agreed to share her own experiences in surviving a dark moment.

April Gut Check

by Dylan Newton

The first quarter of 2015 is now over. Aargh! Doesn’t that statement give you angina?  After over a decade in corporate America, I have lingering anxiety at these times of the year. I suppose it’s a residual throwback from years of creating quarterly management reports. I always feel the need to do a gut-check at the beginning […]

Boogie Writes : The Phone Call

by Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor shares a personal experience on how a writer’s life can be thrown into chaos just by the ringing of the telephone. How do you handle the family crisis that impacts your ability to stay on schedule? Jennifer welcomes your perspective on circumstances that have caused you to adjust your daily writing life.