The Writers Inner Toolbox

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Michael Ditchfield asks the question, are you happy with what you’ve accomplished so far as a writer? If not, Michael shares some inspirational words to help push us all to the next level, and reminds us… we are all winners!

Dialogue and Action Tags

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Today, Michael Ditchfield gives us his perspective on the use of dialogue tags. Join us as Michael discusses how not to overuse those two pesky words, “said” and “asked”.

When is RETREAT a good idea?

by Dylan Newton

When is RETREAT a good idea? When it’s a Writer’s Retreat, of course! I’m super excited for our member’s only SSRA Writer’s Retreat, scheduled October 16-18 at the beautiful Fanning Springs State Park. Organized by our lovely VP-Programs, Jessica Nelson, the retreat will be exactly what we writers need: Plotting exercises to get your WIP […]

Boogie Writes: ISBN Grateful

by Jennifer Taylor

In this month’s Boogie Writes, Jennifer Taylor expresses her appreciation for the support provided by each and every member of SSRA, and the generosity of the many published authors within the chapter who are always willing to share their vast knowledge of the craft and the publishing world.

Butt Glue Sees the Other Side

by SSRA Blog Contributor

Toni S. Harris accepted the Butt Glue challenge and was surprised at the results. It seems the “Butt Glue Dude” prompted Toni to make a trip north. Where did they go and why? Well, it’s all here… come join Toni on her Butt Glue adventure!

RWA 2015 – Mikki Cober in NYC

by Mikki Cober

SSRA Takes NYC By Storm! Or so the New York Times headlines should have read. RWA 2015 was a terrific conference, and everyone who attended came away refreshed, renewed and invigorated. We invite you to read what Michele Fowler (aka, Mikki Cober) took away from Nationals this year, and it wasn’t just a huge box of new books to read… enjoy!

Boogie Writes: Chicken Fat

by Jennifer Taylor

This months’ Boogie Writes takes us back to our elementary school days. Gym class in particular. Why, you ask? What could this possibly have to do with writing? You’ll just have to read the latest from Jennifer Taylor to find out. Enjoy!

RWA 2015 National Conference Re-Cap

by Dylan Newton

So last month’s post was all about getting ready for my first RWA National conference in New York City, and my desire to have a more successful (and less dolphin-esque) pitch appointment. All that prep work I talked about HERE paid off–I pitched and received 3 REQUESTS FOR A FULL MANUSCRIPT on my YA Contemporary! But […]

The Infamous Butt Glue

by SSRA Blog Contributor

The Butt Glue strikes again! Linda Tillis finds herself in a Butt Glue induced fantasy that fills her head with new and thrilling ideas for her next manuscript. Think it can’t happen to you? Accept the Butt Glue challenge and find out for yourself.