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Loretta’s Thursday Tidbit – Western Genre

by Loretta C. Rogers

Interested in writing a Western Romance? Loretta’s Thursday Tidbit provides us with some excellent details on what makes a good Hero and Heroine, and a solid foundation of how to write in this genre, as well as some guidance for what not to do.

Loretta’s Thursday Tidbit – Historical Genre

by Loretta C. Rogers

Interested in writing a historical romance, but not quite sure of the specific subgenre that you need to research? Loretta Rogers defines and describes each of these subgenre’s and reminds us that while research within your subgenre is necessary, a great story and believable characters are even more important.

Loretta’s Thursday Tidbit – Genre Fiction

by Loretta C. Rogers

For the next few weeks, Loretta Rogers will provide us with the basic principles for writing genre fiction. While there is no step-by-step formula for writing each genre, Loretta suggests that the best way to learn how to write your genre of choice is to read as much as possible in that particular genre.

Loretta’s Thursday Tidbit – My Genre is…uhmm?

by Loretta C. Rogers

Loretta Rogers explains why every writer must identify a ‘specific’ genre for our novel. Knowing your genre helps make the connection between story and reader, and helps you to find the right audience who will love your book. If you can’t answer the question, ‘what are you writing?’, then today’s tidbit is for you!

Loretta’s Thursday Tidbit – Better Safe Than Sorry

by Loretta C. Rogers

Anyone who has suffered a melted motherboard or fused hard drive from lightning knows the possibility of retrieving files is either next to impossible or extremely expensive. Be safe. Be prepared. Create a burn folder and a cloud account. Don’t know how? Loretta Rogers has the answer. Read on…!