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Boogie Writes: My Irish Soundtrack

by Jennifer Taylor

Celtic music, or any music that moves us to want to write words as beautiful as lyrics we hear. So listen to what inspires you and let that inspiration be a focus for your writing.

Boogie Writes

by Jennifer Taylor

In my column, I will share my thoughts on writing romance novels, my daily hustle, if you will, toward better writing and publication and the connection between my two loves, words and music. Just so you know, every so often, my body gets the “Boogie Fever” and I must get down with my bad self. Welcome to Boogie Writes. I hope you enjoy it.

Jennifer Taylor: My Week of Butt Glue

by Jennifer Taylor

My experience as the first contestant of SSRA’s Traveling Butt Glue Challenge will surely . . . stick with me. Applying Butt Glue, sitting down to write on a regular basis whether in the mood or not is a must for us writers. Muses don’t like to be stood up. With that bottle on my […]