Once upon a time, there lived a very busy writer who was so busy she didn’t have time or energy to write! This became an issue that gnawed at her, digging into her psyche and tormenting her every day.

She soon found herself obsessing over her inability to pen wordage and decided that it was time for Butt Glue.

She petitioned her clan of writers during their monthly meeting, and successfully obtained the much needed source of inspiration designed to glue her butt to a chair. This particular strategy had proven successful for other members of the clan in that it had forced them to sit still and write. She hoped for the same results.

But alas, driving home through the flat verdant scenery of central Florida, busyness once again possessed this writer’s brain. She arrived home and promptly fell into the same terrible habits of always thinking about writing, but never sitting down to write.

It was several weeks before she discovered the Butt Glue still sitting in the center console of her car. She had entirely forgotten about that tiny bottle of inspiration.

Consumed with remorse, the busy writer cradled the poor, neglected butt glue in her arms and gently carried it inside the house to her bedroom. With great care, she set it on her dresser so that every morning and every night, she would remember to write.

Ah, the wonderful aspirations of a writer.

She forgot about it again.

Unfortunately, the busy writer realized that as much as she wanted the Butt Glue to increase her writing every day, that wasn’t how it worked. Butt Glue is inspiration, it is reminder, it is possibly a touch of magic, but in the end, a writer must put in effort and time.

The Butt Glue was returned to the clan and the writer went home feeling quite defeated. It was some time before she realized that Butt Glue haunted her. Even though it had been removed from her life, and was now imparting its particular brand of inspiration to some other lucky writer, memories remained.

And those memories prompted the busy writer to actually write. In a strange way, her failure to write with the Butt Glue present changed once the Butt Glue was gone.

Because it wasn’t really gone anymore. The promise, the hope, of Butt Glue had sealed itself into her mind. She came to understand that sometimes an initial failure can spur busy writers to ultimately achieve. Perhaps one day this busy writer shall meet with Butt Glue again.

In the meantime, she will never forget him. And she will write.


Contributed by Jessica Nelson (SSRA President)

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