While we often think of “Butt Glue” as a relatively new invention, it has been around since ancient times. In fact, Butt Glue artifacts have been discovered in ancient Greece where it is believed to have been invented.

Originally used to hold weapons together, the sages of the ages quickly recognized the limited benefit of Butt Glue for anything other than mind set (no pun intended). However, despite how old Butt Glue is, it did not reach the shores of the New World or the authors of SSRA until approximately five years ago.

At that time, early aspiring authors along with colleagues who experienced approaching deadlines for manuscripts recognized the value of Butt Glue in everyday writing.

Early in the organization of a Romance Writers Chapter, the Sunshine State Romance Authors recognized the need for a cohesive bond which would allow them to be more productive as a group. Hence the adoption of the age-old practice of Butt Glue application. It was with this application that Butt Glue became a popular choice and a solid reminder of what any author might accomplish if the glue was applied.

Application of Butt Glue

Although any consumer may be able to purchase glue at any available retail outlet, be warned that True Butt Glue is not available to the uninitiated. True Butt Glue, available only through perseverance and the time-honored practice of daily writing is for all authors, aspiring and accomplished, who persevere.

While any glue is considered an adhesive, Butt Glue is useful and available only to the author who sets a goal and determines to accomplish the goal she or he has set.

To apply Butt Glue correctly, follow these steps.

  1. Prepare a writing area where you will not be disturbed for a set amount of “writing” time.
  2. Turn on your computer, laptop, or word processor, or sharpen your pencil, acquire a pen, and begin with a fresh sheet of paper.
  3. Acquire coffee or a soft drink (beverage of your choice) and snacks if applicable. Set the timer if you use one for a reasonable amount of time.
  4. Review story outline or synopsis if you are a plotter, if you are a pantser begin writing.
  5. Plotters should stand and face the writing chair, and spread Butt Glue over the seat of the chair.
  6. This Next Step is Crucial to Your Success: Place your butt in the chair, set the timer, and place your hands on the keyboard or hold pen, pencil or other writing implement. Begin.
  7. Do not stop writing until the goal you set has been met. Repeat daily.


Conributed by Ane Ryan Walker (SSRA Member)

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