Sunshine State Romance Authors RWA #225, Inc.
General Meeting Agenda
Homosassa Library, 10AM – 2PM

Presentation: “From a Man’s POV”

I.   Call to order; Welcome New Members and Guests!

II.  Approval of January 2017 minutes

III.  Board Reports

  1. Secretary
  2. Treasurer
  3. VP-Communications
  4. VP-Programs

IV.  Committee Reports

  1. Prod Your Muse
  2. Librarian
  3. Historian
  4. Publicity (Vacant)
  5. Holiday Party
  6. Critique/Beta Reader
  7. Sunshine Tidings/Tributes & Hospitality

V.  Announcements

  1. RWA Chapter Leadership

VI.  Old Business

  1. Butt Glue
  2. Voting Year
  3. RAE

VII.  New Business

VIII.   Inspirational Quote

IX.   Chapter Chatter: General/Open Session/Bathroom Break

X.   Program – “From a Man’s POV” ~Barry Denham

XI.  Q&A