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What is the first thing you do considering your workflow, afternoon, or at night when you start to write?

What are some of your distractions? Can you go without it? What distractions can you cut out of your life? Some people like having an hourly calendar. To know what there next step is, but everyone is different. But, if you think about it CEO’s of huge companies have their days planned out in advance before they even come to work.

Take Action towards your goals ever day and you will accomplish this year. If your goals are too mentally high for you to reach, break them down so they are more manageable. One of mine was to keep writing fun for me I reduced my word count that made a lot easier on me to write my book faster. Persevere though the naysayers. To be a Success you have to risk failure. Say this to yourself Everyday: The harder you work, The harder it is to surrender.

You take the risk of rejection by a book critic, blogger, agents, editors, publishers, beta readers, contests entered, critique readers, even your harshest fans. Take it like a grain of salt. It will be hard to survive in this business if you don’t have a thick skin. Focus on your dreams. Run toward you dreams like a locomotive. Don’t look behind you, you can’t fix what’s behind you. Focus on what’s in front of you. Each day you have the decision which way direction your day goes. It’s all up to you.

You have to make your writing the priority in your life. I don’t believe in procrastination. I told a girl one time. I had one hundred dollars but she had to show up here tomorrow to receive at 10am in the morning. I asked the girl what time she would be there. She said, I will be there at 9:45 am, I want that one hundred dollars.

See there’s no such thing as procrastination just how much you want a thing. So what are your priorities? If you love what you do you’re doing, you’ll never work a day in your life. You should be at a point in your life where you’re done talking about it and finally want to do something about it. I use this technique for writing today because it has helped me focus in the past.

And remember:
Writing is tough—Yes
It’s difficult—that’s right
But it’s Worth It

You were given the gift to write your story, no one else. No one can write it for you.

Contributed by Michael Ditchfield (SSRA Member)

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