Butt Glue has rested on my desk for more than a month. A renowned athlete, he has lifted the weight of getting started for many a writer—so far. It’s a shame that he has failed this time.

Respect for this Olympic class weightlifter has helped me through in the past, and I am very sad to hear that he will retire soon. It is beyond my comprehension that he failed to train me this time. Perhaps it was the distraction of house-hunting that broke my faith in him. Or perhaps my illness destroyed his abilities to get me through a rough time. I know it can’t be his fault that I have done no writing during this period. He sat on my desk, daring me to devote time to him and his training. Regular writing habits are so difficult to begin.

Simple old age must be his problem. He’s probably a dried up old athlete beyond his time.

All of these thoughts have filled my head as I reluctantly put him aside, until today. Today I have time to work on genuine writing. Today I have chosen to let him lift the real weight of writing, with the weight of promotion added to his lifting, because I signed a contract yesterday with a traditional publisher, Black Opal Books. Today Mr. Glue is lifting for me a heavier weight than he ever has before. It is with gratefulness that I let him retire—or who knows—watch him take up even greater weights for other authors in the future.

Contributed by Carol J. Megge (SSRA Member)

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