Sunshine State Romance Authors RWA #225

Executive Board Meeting Agenda

August 13, 2016


I.  Call to Order

II.  Roll Call

III.  Ascertain Quorum

IV.  Approve Minutes from May 28, 2016 board meeting

V.  Committee Reports

  1. Prod Your Muse
  2. Librarian
  3. Historian
  4. Filmographer
  5. Sunshine Tidings/Tributes & Hospitality
  6. Publicity
  7. Holiday Party
  8. Critique/Beta Reader

VI.  Old Business

  1. Member’s Retreat Budget
  2. SSRA Mermaid Logo
  3. Membership Director Board Position TBD October Board Meeting
  4. Holiday Party Finalizations
  5. SSRA Library Purge
  6. Chair Positions
  7. Library BOD Meeting Dates Approved and Changed
  8. SSRA Mission Statement

VII.  New Business

  1. 2017 RAL
  2. 2018 Writers’ Cruise
  3. Create Position Folders in Executive Area of SSRA MyRWA



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