Hello Butt Glue, we meet again. The first time didn’t go well, so here we go once more. A little liquid encouragement to help me along this month. Thankfully I don’t have to use you, literally.

You are a help, so far, no matter how many jokes I hear about butt glue from my family. I’ve put a household task on hold to take up the pencil.

  • For one of the short stories I have due no.
  • For the second book of a series I have due no.
  • To sit here and write this Yes, YAY! You get the boobie butt glue prize!

It’s all good. Although I don’t feel like sitting in front of my computer after a long day at work, dinner making and house pick up. I don’t need to. I can comfortably sit in my p.j.’s, watching my Monday night show.

A clip board, paper and pencil in hand with your milky white bottle staring back at me from the coffee table.

Writing has been accomplished! It’s a good day.

Thank you butt glue, for you have accomplished your goal.

For today, for today…

Contributed by C.A. Salo (SSRA Member)

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