From:  The Writer’s Devotional by Amy Peters, Sterling Publishing Co., 2012

{My friend} asked me, “Do you ever write poetry?” and I said, “No”— I’d never thought of doing so. He said, “Why don’t you?” — and at that point I decided that’s what I would do. Looking back, I conceived how the ground had been prepared.  W.H. Auden


It looks as if BRITISH POET AUDEN knew Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret at least half a century before that book was even written, and certainly before it rocketed to the top of all the bestseller lists. Published in 2006, The Secret has sold tens of millions of copies and been translated into dozens of languages. Its promise? The power of positive thinking.

Positive thinking brings energy and optimism and helps focus our goals and dreams. But why does it work? Recent scientific research shows that there is  a strong mind-body connection.

Neurologists describe it as “neurons that fire together, wire together.” In other words, you have the capacity, by affirming your goals, to effectively rewire your brain. Every time Auden thought or spoke of being “a very good poet” he was, in fact, gathering neurons together and reinforcing his belief that he would become a successful poet. Wire your neurons together by affirming your belief in your abilities as a writer.


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