We all have had opportunities slip through our fingers at one time or another. But, sticky goo slipping through your fingers? Oh, really?


The bottle of glue started as the brain child of Jennifer Taylor. It was an idea you could believe. All you needed to do was stay seated in a chair long enough to write words and call it a book. The encouragement was born in the form of a white plastic bottle and given a name, Butt Glue.

I smiled at the new born. You see, I knew what it would grow up to be. The stuff that writers are made of, the persistence in writing.

Long ago, I ran with pencils. The mascot for NaNoWriMo, (the acronym for National Novel Writing Month) was a javelin thrower running with a pale blue pencil. Flossie Benton-Rogers, then Director of Citrus County Libraries, taught how to run with pencils; you write 50K words in the month of November. Those who completed the 50K word challenge won a yellow certificate with a picture of a 1930’s black Royal Typewriter and their very own 50K story.  I printed my earned certificate.

I had previously read Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way before learning to run with pencils. The Artist’s Way taught me when it was the best time of day to write for myself. This best time of writing is different for everyone.

Enter the Butt Glue.

I wanted to run with pencils again. But, I had to wait my turn for Jennifer Taylor’s Butt Glue bottle. The bottle would pass by me. Therefore, while I waited I prepared for the exhilarating feeling of being a writer with words flowing from my fingertips.

The first month the Butt Glue bottle slipped through my fingers, I bought a mesh bottom office chair. I tested the duration I could safely sit and type without causing damage to myself. Each month after, I either wrote anyway or accomplished something related to writing. This produced results: completed historical romance suspense novel, pitched to editors at writer’s conventions, wrote query letters, wrote synopsis, earned Pro status with RWA by having an editor request a full manuscript, cleaned the house top to bottom a few times, cleared off my writing desk and the floor around my writing desk, took a class in WordPress, attempted many times at creating a web/blog page, learned track changes, became familiar with Scrivener, wrote more synopsis for future stories, researched for the second and third story to my series and rented a post office box for author communication via the internet. My latest slipped goo bottle wait was used to purchase an accelerometer tracker and actually used it.

This is my story of the slippery adhesive and I am sticking to it.

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