I avoided it as long as I could. But, then one day, it finally happened. This sticky creature oozed toward me, disguised as a magic genie in a bottle. On its outside, I saw the word Butt Glue, but I knew at once, it wanted more than my backside; it wanted all of me— my head, my hands, my heart, even my health. I felt like I was back in 4-H.

As I sat at my computer, I noticed the creature’s pasty face, its tacky hands and gummy lips. When it spread itself in front of me, it gushed a gooey secretion that adhered to my keyboard like a liquefied limpet.

At once, I knew this thing was not my everyday muse, but instead, teeming mucilage determined to get my attention. When I tried to type, the creature crept across my fingers, plastering them onto certain keys. Like a mini-miracle, juicy words appeared that I’d not thought of before. Soon the screen was saturated with wet, gunky words. Amazingly, this messy accumulation of verbosity made sense.

Consistency prevailed as the creature’s tenacity clung to my creative juices. An overflow of crafty words streamed from my head onto the screen. A deluge of gray-white sentences thickened and gained a foothold on the page. The whitish bits of connected speech coagulated into syrupy paragraphs, which then solidified into congealed chapters.

As the keyboard absorbed the mass mixture of words, the cloying creature stuck around and watched as my glutinous chapters transformed themselves into a sloppy draft. Like glue, the trickster’s stick-to-it-iveness held fast, blending and binding my inner utterances into words on the screen.

Surprisingly, this molten-like thing had managed to slither into my head, to lubricate my hands, to soften my heart and to squeeze itself into my mental and emotional health, making me feel like Writer’s Block was a thing of the past. As a result of this gripping experience, this Fasten-ating critter, once hidden in a bottle, had definitely turned this old 4-Her into a Butt-Glue Believer.

Sealed with zealous Butt Glue descriptions,

Barbara Cairns (Member of SSRA)

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