November 21, 2015

It happened again. Will the monsters never cease from torturing me? I pride myself on being the most adaptable of fellows, yet this tests even my ability to adjust to their caprice. After months of uncertainty, constant changes of environment, and to say the least, indelicate handling, I had found what I believed to be a home with a worthy host, only to realize today that I must forge onward again.

A new creature grabbed me and stuffed me in a bag. This one is the worst of all, so far. It didn’t even want me. I noted how it avoided looking at me for months, as at each of their gatherings, they discussed what to do with me. When it finally accepted custody, it groaned and complained about the duty. Now, I sit alone on a cold, hard, surface. Whatever will become of me?

November 28, 2015

I knew this one would be trouble if it ever took possession of me, and I was correct, as usual. It ignored and neglected me. I immediately began whispering ideas to it, but in its arrogance, it pretended the thoughts came from its own imagination and it discarded most of my brilliant suggestions. Even after I nudged and pushed it to complete its manuscript to meet the PYM deadline, it gave me no credit.

During this latest incarceration, I attempted escape. I edged away from the screen next to which I stood my lonely vigil. I managed to launch myself over the side, but it was a great distance to the ground. I bruised my base when I landed, and to my everlasting shame, I squirted. Only a little, but to a soul of my sensibilities, it was mortifying. I hid beneath the furniture until I caught my breath, then rolled toward the door. Alas, the creature captured me and returned me to my prison.

December 5, 2015

I do not understand why these brutes continue to persecute me. Have I not provided them with invaluable assistance on many occasions? Indeed, I have transported them to novel and notable locales, inspired them to new heights of imagination, and provided them with the ability to complete their work in the face of all obstacles. Still, I receive neither respect nor reward for my efforts. Some have called me a bully, and one threatened to complain about me to the Mermaid Muse Butt Glue Manufacturing Society. Yes, one of them composed an ode to me, but of what use is that? I am still confined by them, unable to avail myself of the companionship of others of my kind, abused and maligned by most of them. If they revile me so, why do they not allow me my freedom?

December 11, 2015

The creature is up to something. It looks at me in a way it never has heretofore. It stares and sighs and carries me around.

It held me up to a mirror today. I was appalled by my appearance, dog-eared, shabby, dirt and ink stains around my edges. Then, the creature turned me around and I saw for the first time what had been pasted to my back. A cruel jest! A sign stuck to me said, “Pass it on”. Now I know why no one keeps me. I had hoped that if my servitude must continue, one of the kinder ones might provide me with a forever home, but I understand now that is not to be. It is my destiny to wend my way from one to another of them, forever.

I think my time with this one is almost at an end. It set me back beside the screen this morning and made elaborate finger movements and clicking sounds on an arcane device, watching me all the time. It stopped, stared out the window, scratched its head and moved its fingers again for a while. Finally, it emitted an evil chuckle and rubbed its hands together. I do not know what the demons have in store for me in the future, but I am relieved to finally get away from this one. Against all evidence to the contrary, I maintain hope for more suitable accommodations.

Whatever awaits, I vow to meet the future with my head held high. Despite my travails, I will not give in to despair. I will continue to comport myself with the utmost decorum, delivering aid and guidance to the scribblers, whether they appreciate me or not.


** Contributed by SSRA Member, Katherine Smits

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