My weeks with the Butt Glue didn’t produce the massive quantities of writing I expected. The Butt Glue stood still. I heard no words of wisdom. Interaction was minimal—yet the Butt Glue worked!

Like all writers, I began as a reader. I like comparing my reading habits to eating habits. Devouring several light, not so well written books of fiction resembles a binge on chips and ice cream. A diversion from life’s challenges, and not so healthy, an inevitable hunger for substance follows. Mere hours later, the body forgets it ate at all—as does the mind after this level of reading.

Reading stories with intriguing characters and interwoven plot elements resembles a nutritionally satisfying meal of complete proteins and complex carbs supplemented with fruit or veggies—at least in liquid form. The well-crafted story that sticks with the reader satisfies the spirit like a well-crafted meal.

An excursion at the beginning of my Butt Glue Experience included such a meal. Entering the restaurant, the fragrance of herbs tantalized. The setting alone soothed the heart. A dear friend and I toasted friendship with a fine bottle of water. Each of us ordered salmon, asparagus, and the “light as whipped cream” mashed potatoes. We shared crème brûlée and chocolate-doused dough balls. The coffees helped lift us to our feet. That meal satisfied beyond imagination.

I want to write stories like that meal. To use a clichéd example, the reader tastes the salt in the air, hears the call of a gull. A breeze lifts her hair—the hero tucks a strand behind her ear. Her emotions ignited by the ion charged air and the smell of rain; she experiences the journey as a character in the story. She is a character in the story, not merely a reader of the story.

This won’t happen with the bag of chips or bowl of ice cream story, or the nutritionally complete story that fails to activate the senses. This meal requires a chef to plan it, a team to prepare and cook it, an intricate blend of herbs and spices, someone to serve it, and the perfect company. This meal is crafted.

With the Butt Glue on my desk, I crafted twenty-five pages of my WIP, a novella. I hope the quality comes close to the satisfaction gained.

For me, Crafting = Satisfaction.

** Contributed by Darlene Corcoran

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