Last month Jennifer Taylor wrote about writing during a crisis. She asked readers if they’d care to weigh in about their experiences with dark moments in their personal lives. Now Jennifer is happy to hand over Boogie Writes to the incomparable Loretta Rogers, as she shares her experience.

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The year 2015 began with a bang. It was the type of explosion that erupted my life, and not in a good way. January 5th, I sat in the emergency room watching two doctors hover over my husband as I tried to decipher their medical jargon. It was as if they had forgotten I was in the room. What I put together was gangrene of the gallbladder, a perforated bile duct, add to the mix diabetes, and the final result bordered on an outcome that I didn’t want to imagine. All I could think of was how was I going to tell our daughters their daddy was going to die.

It was nearly midnight when I left the hospital, and only after being assured my husband, life partner and best friend for fifty-two years was resting. Honestly, I don’t remember driving home. All thoughts of a February 1st deadline for my WIP ceased to exist.

The next three days, I waited for the doctors to tell me my husband was stable enough for surgery. Despite heavy doses of insulin, his sugar levels continued to spike out of control, which meant further delays of surgery. I sat by his bedside staring at the screen of my laptop. The words were merely symbols that meant absolutely nothing. The storyline for Shadowed Reunion had been replaced with ominous thoughts. If the doctors couldn’t get my husband’s sugar levels under control, the danger of the gallbladder rupturing increased and would spill gangrene throughout his body.

It took a while to get back into Shadowed Reunion’s storyline, and when I did, the plot reinvented itself and took off in a completely different direction than originally planned. It seemed as if all the anguish and anger that had built up inside me spilled onto the pages. It took burning the midnight oil, and applying several applications of butt glue to make up for two months of lost writing time.

I’m eternally grateful to my wonderful editor who sent me several reassuring emails, and encouraging words to not worry about the looming deadline which she reset for March 1st. Like all good stories, this one had ascending and descending action, and a very dark black moment; but best of all, it had the happiest of endings.

Did I make the March 1st deadline, um, no. I missed it by four days.

Loretta C. Rogers

Romance with a Twist

Expected the Unexpected!


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Jennifer Taylor: A special thank you to Loretta for sharing her experience.  And because this is Boogie Writes, I give you Sir Elton John, the King of Catchy Tunes, and his upbeat anthem, “I’m Still Standing.” Give it a listen; it never fails to make me smile.

When life knocks us writers down, hope can lift us back up, and sometimes music can keep us going. One step at a time.

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

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Jennifer Taylor is the award-winning author of the historical romance, Mercy of the Moon, Book One of the Rhythm of the Moon series, published by the Wild Rose Press. Jennifer uses music on a daily basis to inspire her heroes and charm her heroines, and can often be found singing at her desk.

She spent her childhood running wild on an Idaho mountainside. Although she’s lived across the U.S., she is still an Idahoan at heart and a notorious potato pusher. She has a degree in Human Services and worked as a roofer, a hoofer, a computer data entry operator and a stay-at-home mom.

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