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March is named after Mars, the Roman God of war, and as such, I thought it fitting that we launch an offensive attack on our novels! That’s right–be warned, oh works-in-progress! Gird your loins, novels-without-contracts! March is the month of you will heed our writer-ly demands, or be revised within an inch of your manuscript border!

Here’s the battle plan for published and unpublished alike:

TODAY – March 2: Think you’re the only one struggling to fit in writing time? Not so–check out “Writing Through Life’s Curveballs,” Presented for FREE to RWA members. Writing happy-ever-after for a living can be fun and so revitalizing until divorce, cancer, death pull you out of your writing world. Escaping into your current work-in-progress can stave off the wolves for a little while but eventually it will catch up to you. Garbera offers her tips and tricks for regaining your balance and your writing mojo. This class is geared toward published authors. The class will take place on an RWA U forum in myRWA and is offered at no cost to members. what you are now to beREGISTER HERE

March 5 (Thursday): Join SSRA for our monthly PRO/PAN meeting to discuss issues you have with YOUR manuscript! This is your time to re-load your writing weapon, and stock up on some inspiration grenades!

SSRA Web General, Cheryl Charles

March ALL–Speaking of inspiration grenades, our SSRA Web General, Cheryl Charles (pictured in her camo glory on the left) has updated our website to take your entry for this year’s Prod Your Muse challenge! You may choose to enter the full-length novel, or a novella…or you can blow the competition out of the woods by entering BOTH! Click HERE to start your novel-ing offensive!

March 8: Daylight Savings Time begins, and we all lose an hour’s worth of writing time. 🙁 Readjust your week’s writing skirmishes accordingly!

March 15: “Beware the Ides of March”–Julius Caesar didn’t listen when the seers warned him of this day, the first day of the Roman year, and as such, he was murdered. Now, I say to you writers the same….”Beware the Ides of March CHALLENGE”—As incentive to get your book out there in the battle, I’d like to offer an SSRA IDES OF MARCH CHALLENGE to enter a contest this month! RWA has a slew of contests for both published and non-published authors alike, and March/April is ripe to throw your novel into battle and see how she does! Check out all of the RWA Contests here, and watch for an email on the Yahoo loop from me to announce the challenge details, as well as the spoils of this warrior challenge!

SSRA Media Librarian

Ane Ryan Walker

MARCH 28:  SSRA Monthly Meeting followed by “How to Work Smarter, Not Harder” presented by our very own Ane Ryan-Walker. Don’t miss this fantastic program that will help YOU get the most from your writing battle plans!

So, camo-up, my fellow writer warriors! Looking forward to your debrief at our monthly meeting!

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Dylan married her high-school sweetheart and they are busy living out their own happily ever after in sunny Florida with their two incredible daughters and a snoring Shiz-Tsu.

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