Warren Zevon had a song out in 1978 called “Werewolf of London.” What with Halloween coming up and all, it would be a crime not to remember this song. By the way, it’s as weird now as it was then. Werewolves are scary creatures, though, aren’t they? Sometimes there are things we face in our writing life that can be just as terrifying: you could call them Word Wolves.

Word Wolves move in packs. Writer’s block, insecurities, time wasters, time limits are just a few of the scary creatures that haunt us.  Some of us have a battle with point of view, grammar, punctuation or sentence structure.

For me, plot is the thing that goes bump in the night. I get a gem of an idea for a plot, accompanied by this humming excitement in my bones. Every experienced that? Then I have to translate that feeling to paper; it has to makes sense. The thing is, it seems like such a behemoth of a task, to organize, structure a plot that makes sense and keeps the reader engaged. It doesn’t help that I don’t think linearly. That’s okay. I am puzzling out plot, much like unravelling a giant ball of yarn. Slowly the threads start to straighten out and make sense.

Then every once in a while, Mr. Hairy Plot pops up and says, “BOO!” He frightens me.

He’s like the “…hairy handed gent who run amok in Kent.”

Just when I think I’ve got a handle on it, he snarls at me again and the plot becomes a big hairy mess. Again. That’s when I remind him who’s boss.

As Halloween creeps closer, beware the writing demons. Face your computer with courage and never doubt for a minute you can scare off your most frightening bug-a-boos. Even Word Wolves. Oh, and watch out for the full moon.

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

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Jennifer Taylor is the award-winning author of the historical romance, Mercy of the Moon, Book One of the Rhythm of the Moon series, published by the Wild Rose Press. Jennifer uses music on a daily basis to inspire her heroes and charm her heroines, and can often be found singing at her desk.

She spent her childhood running wild on an Idaho mountainside. Although she’s lived across the U.S., she is still an Idahoan at heart and a notorious potato pusher. She has a degree in Human Services and worked as a roofer, a hoofer, a computer data entry operator and a stay-at-home mom.

Music has ruled Jennifer’s world since birth. She shimmied out of the womb with a bad case of Boogie Fever, but soon fell in love with the lyrics, how the words fit together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. Jennifer has dreamt of writing romances since reading Wuthering Heights at the tender age of twelve, and now lives that dream, using music on a daily basis to uplift and inspire her writing. It’s no coincidence that Ian, the hero in Mercy of the Moon, uses music to win heroine Maggie’s heart.

She lives in rural Florida with her husband and Great Dane puppy, and enjoys frequent visits from her three grandchildren and three grown children. She feverishly lobbies for the return of breeches and would really love to see her husband of thirty-five years in a pair. Jennifer can be found online at: JenniferTaylorWrites.com
Jennifer Taylor

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