Three Blog Tips You Need to Know

These are pointers I have learned through trial and error. The first two are of basic to medium complexity, and the third tip is for more advanced users. The tips will help increase the visibility of your blog posts.

1) Make sure to share your blog post on Google+. That way it has a better chance of coming up higher on the list of retrieved URLs when someone googles your topic. I know some people don’t think Google+ is as fun to hang around on as Facebook, and I’m not saying you have to lurk there. We don’t have time to lurk anyway. Just make sure to share your post on Google+.

2) When you share a link on Google+, you are given the opportunity to make a comment. Your wording choice is critical, since often times Google will display the comment wording in a retrieved URL list instead of your actual title. Use words that people may be searching for.

Here’s an example of the process. This is what I input on Google+. Note that Google+ places the title below the picture and the added comment above the picture:

Thoth, ancient Egyptian god of magic, writing, and healing.

Blog Post





Mythic Monday: 7 Secrets of Thoth by Flossie Benton Rogers | Flossie Benton Rogers

A few hours later when I googled the word Thoth, my blog post came up 2nd in a list of 939,000 results. Note that the title doesn’t even show, just the added comment:

Thoth, ancient Egyptian god of magic, writing, and healing.…/posts/QC4HiUajPpx

Flossie Benton Rogers

7 hours ago – Thoth, ancient Egyptian god of magic, writing, and healing.

Flossie Benton Rogers

3) Advanced tip—here is the original blog post information from the perspective of my self-hosted WordPress dashboard, which gives the opportunity to add metadata for SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a fancy name for what we were talking about above with the Google+ added comment. Each form of social media will allow you to add it one way or another. I am still learning this topic.

Mythic Monday: 7 Secrets of Thoth by Flossie Benton Rogers [This is my title.]

 Ancient Egyptian god of magic, wisdom, and healing, Thoth wrote the spells used to assure a prosperous afterlife. [This is the metadata I added to the SEO (search engine optimization) section of the WordPress dashboard.]

 Thoth, Egyptian mythology, magic, spells, mummification, Book of the Dead, Book of Thoth [These were the tags or keywords I used.]


Cheers & Happy Blogging!


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