Well! What can I say about the butt glue? Two words. It works! When I received this little bottle of Butt Glue I was at 56,504 words on Aries. At that point, it was titled Khaos Rules. Then as my plot twisted, my characters led me into their own little depraved worlds, the Aries element came out and I made a title change two weeks ago.

The first day I had the butt glue on my desk and I tried to get up, I pulled my hip out. Seriously. I was in agony for a couple of days. Maybe that was it. Maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it was all the squats I was doing with John Cena, in my office.

Anyway blaming the Butt Glue is a fun excuse. Metaphysically it was telling me to stay in the chair and write more. I accept all of those messages and I listen to them.

It’s not even the end of the month yet, and today Sept. 21, I came in at 89,000 words. I have already diverted from my outline for the rest of the manuscript, but if all goes as planned, I would like to finish Aries within two weeks.

That would be absolutely awesome since I found out from my publisher and other people on our loop, the first edits usually take around five months. The good news is my publisher wants my WIP, Aries as soon as I finish it. Not sure if it’s for a contract or for a first read but whatever, it’s totally exciting. Then, I’ll be able to plan the third novel in ‘the sign behind the crime series.’

Even though I write poolside and today was a 3700 word day, I haven’t brought the Butt Glue with me. In 90° heat, I feel that the next person to receive it would not appreciate a mushy bottle. But, metaphysically, it does seem to travel with me i.e.: the meaning of it. The thing is with metaphysical symbolism, it travels through the air, travels through the Ether so you don’t even need a concrete material object.

Now it’s Sept. 29. I have two more chapters to write even though that’s what I said at Saturday’s meeting. It was three more chapters, actually.

I just finished chapter 35 and came in at 105,909 words to equal 49,405 for the month I was in possession of the Butt Glue.

As an aside, I’ll tell you why I want two more chapters, 36 and 37. I want the final numerals to add up to 10. Metaphysically 10 is completion, Wholeness, and a good luck number.

So there ya have it Merms. My experience with Butt Glue and I hope the next recipient, Michele Fowler, still receives all the positive energy I programmed into the bottle. So let the words flow, Michele!

The mind behind the crime,

Ronnie Allen

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