Insights provided by a Facebook Author Page are useful to our business. We need to take advantage of such perks. Insights are based on statistics, and you can use them to make better decisions about when to post, what to post, and what audience to target.


On your Facebook Author Page, above the header image, click on Insights.

On the second tier menu below Insights, click on Posts.

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The graph you see illustrates what times your fans (those who have liked your page) are online. It may provide some insight as to when to schedule your posts. I was scheduling my posts for 4am, mainly so that people I knew around here could read them before work. However, 4am turns out to be the lowest time on the graph. Everyone is sleeping. I should consider posting a little later in the morning.

Scroll down to see all your posts and information about likes, comments, and shares. See if you can ascertain the type of post that garners the most engagement. For example, I notice heightened engagement with a post where I give information about the book I’m writing but use a more casual speech pattern and a dynamite free photo that is not a book cover.


On your Facebook Author Page, click on Insights.

On the second tier menu below Insights, click on People.

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This will land you on a graph called Your Fans that will show you the ages of males and females who have liked your page. Scroll down to see a list of the countries where your fans are located and the different languages they speak. For example, I have people in faraway places such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, South Korea, and Romania.

Right beside the Your Fans tab, click on People Reached. This will show you the sex and age of the people your posts have been served to in the last month. Scroll down to see the countries reached this month. My expanded reach includes Ireland, New Zealand, and the Netherlands.

Beside the People Reached tab, click on the People Engaged tab to see similar information about the people who have liked, commented on, and shared your posts over the last month. If you implement a promotion where you can target specific countries, these are the ones you should consider focusing on.

Remember, a Facebook Author Page allows you to run promotions and contests without Facebook looking askance at you, or worse. Insights provide you with further details of how to create posts that result in greater engagement and potential readers for the marvelous romance novels you’re writing.

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