An author needs to have a Business Page on Facebook in addition to a Personal Profile. I’ve seen folks who think they have a Page but really only have a Profile. To create a professional presence, click on “create page” on the left column of your Facebook newsfeed and go through the guided steps to create an Author Page. You have to name the Page. Typical names would be Author followed by your writing name or your writing name followed by Author. That will easily differentiate it from your Personal Profile.

FBR Pic 1

FBR Pic 2

See the difference between the Personal Profile on the left and the Author Page below?

Use your Personal Profile for sharing with family, friends, and acquaintances. Use your Author Page to share your blog posts and news about your writing success. As opposed to your Personal Profile, you can safely post “buy links” on your Author Page without getting into Facebook jail.

Don’t let the Author Page go stagnant. Post there every few days. The posts can be just a couple of interesting sentences. Slowly you will build a base of fans who “like” your Page. If you think you have nothing to report because your book hasn’t been accepted or nothing seems to be happening at the moment, share something about your daily writing routine. The goal is to keep your name in front of readers.

Facebook says that posts with pictures get 84% more clicks than mere verbal posts. Use colorful pictures that you take yourself, make yourself, or are in the public domain. You can also buy pictures, but I usually save those to use on video book trailers or special blog posts.

Automate is my middle name. It saves time. My WordPress blog is linked to various social media sites, including Facebook, and my blog automatically posts to my Facebook Author Page. Later on in the day I usually also post it to my Personal Profile. There can be some crossover with posting. Our lives are not totally compartmentalized, and besides, different people may see different posts.

However, don’t think you don’t need a Facebook Author Page. You do. Even though Facebook may seem to shun your Page more and more with each new tweak they issue, publishers and editors look for an Author Page and so will readers. They want to “like” you, and that’s what you want too, isn’t it?

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