Saturday (May 3, 2014):

I got a surprise at the blogging conference when, at the end of the day, the bottle of Butt Glue was placed in front of me. My eyes widened. Picking it up I smiled and put it in my swag bag.

The next morning I went through my swag and came across the Butt Glue and truthfully I really was dreading getting it. Not because of the premise, because I’ve never written a blog in my life. This being one of the reasons I was at the meeting. I put it beside my laptop, stared at it for a moment, and asked myself why I needed this to complete my novel. The answer: it gives you motivation because you have to give it back and it is a short-term goal. Kind of like a deadline you, an agent or editor would set for yourself. And, you only have a certain amount of time to return the bottle.

I turned off all my distractions: Facebook, I’ve tried to go on there for five minutes and it always turns into five hours. TV, books, and radio, researching, revising. I allow myself five to ten minutes to catch up on emails. Then I disconnect the internet on my computer. Here we go, I put the Butt Glue on my computer table and decided right there, Ok, this is it, time to get this first draft done, so I can move on to the revising and polishing stage, and then published.

I sat down at my computer and started my next chapter. If it’s one thing I have a hard time doing, it’s starting new chapters. But, I just reread the last three paragraphs in the last chapter and it gave me an idea on how to start the next chapter. After that, I got into a steady groove and punched out another chapter.


The biggest reason for me not writing was not really a distraction but because I write at my off times and not my peak writing hours. Around the time I sit down to write, I’m feeling tired. But I’m not making an excuse, because there is none.

The only time I voluntarily stop is when I’m brain fried or all the imagination has gone from me that night. I find when I write and I’m really tired, I lose my characters voice. What I have found works best for me is turning off my inner editor/perfectionist. Just put word to page and never look back.

I sat down on my bed today and brought my computer over. I forgot what they said about laying down to write. Your body starts to shut down because it thinks it’s time for bed. Why then can you watch TV without falling asleep? Keeping your eyes and ears busy, I guess. But, I still managed to punch out another chapter although it took me a little longer than usual.


If you’re not excited about your next chapter, then skip to one you are excited about and come back to it later with a fresh perspective. Rethink it so you are excited about it.

I have also found the longer you drag something out the less you are apt to do it. The longer you might let something go throughout the day is when you might finally say I’ll do it tomorrow. So, I find that having short term goals is best for me. I find it to be a much better motivator. And, it doesn’t have to be get your first draft done. For a short-term goal, it could be as simple as getting the next chapter done. We all know what we want in the end.

Went in my room sat at the computer and wrote for about forty-five minutes. Then took a quick break. Never thought my phone could be a distraction but I played on that thing for about ten minutes. Kept on grinding through the words. Not an easy night tonight. Finally got it punched out though.

Tuesday: Computer Problems

My Wi-Fi on my other computer was acting up. It would connect but kept dropping the connection. At first, I thought I was going to have to buy a new Wi-Fi for it. Before running to the store, I deleted some old programs that I thought might be interacting with it. That seemed to do the trick. Unfortunately, by the time I updated and deleted all the programs I was brain fried.

I made myself sit down and I was able to punch out about a half a chapter.

Wednesday: House Moving Day

Not much to say here. I went to my mother’s house all day and moved the rest of our things out. It was a great house, still is. I’m going to miss her and the house. We had some good times.

Nothing on this day. Was too tired after being in the hot sun all day.


My biggest excuse for not writing at night was that I was too tired. Now that I have a wireless keyboard and mouse, I can type from my bed, so I don’t have that excuse anymore. I gotta thank Barry for giving me that idea in one of the meetings.

Still wasn’t feeling up to par from yesterday. I was just about to put the TV on when I saw the Butt Glue over on the computer desk. It was staring me down. I’m good at staring contests but not that good. So I took the computer out and wrote the rest of the last chapter.

Friday: Time to Recharge

Took a break today to recharge the batteries. Need to get some more inspiration flowing for the book. Watch a movie at home, cinema or read a book. Just stay off the net except for email.

Final Thoughts:

And that was my exciting week with the Butt Glue challenge. Just stick with it and you’ll be there in no time. Remember don’t criticize yourself for missing your word count. Be happy with what you did achieve.

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