Rhonda Kauffman

Rhonda Kauffman

Victim Contestant: Rhonda Kauffman

Saturday afternoon:

I hesitated to take the bottle of Butt Glue that Jennifer held in her outstretched hand. Why did she choose me to be the next in line for the SSRA Traveling Butt Glue Challenge? I didn’t ask her. Instead, I accepted the bottle, slipped it into my bag and smiled.

Rhonda's Butt Glue Challenge

Rhonda’s Butt Glue

Later that afternoon I placed the bottle in a prominent position next to the computer on my desk, sat in my chair and stared at the bottle. “Okay, inspire me.” I said to the bottle, waiting for the bottle to work its magic. It just sat there. So did I, until the kids let me know it was time to start supper. I hadn’t accomplished any new writing yet, and only a little time in my chair, but come Monday when the kids went back to school, I was going to try again.


The week was off to a great start. My family calendar looked relatively clear, the kids had gone to school and the hubby was off to work. I plopped down in my chair ready to write. My goal was to stay in my chair and write in 45-minute increments without doing any ‘research’. At first, it was frustrating. I wanted to Google the fashions of the era, look at my SSRA notes on POV, vacuum the floors, but I didn’t. I stayed in my seat with only the Word document open. Time passed slowly, but I managed to stay seated.

Tuesday – Friday:

As the week went on and I applied more Butt Glue to stay in my seat, I found that I didn’t really need to research during my writing time. I could move through the story just fine. Butt Glue had done its job of getting me to put my bottom side in the chair and stay put. The most important lesson I learned was the realization that I could do it. It was encouraging to see my word count go up. Not surprising that the count went up faster when I didn’t take time from writing to look up information.

Soon I will be passing the bottle of Traveling Butt Glue on to another SSRA member. Although the technique of sitting in my chair does not require a physical bottle sitting on my desk, I am going to buy my own bottle of Butt Glue as a visual reminder for those times when I need an extra boost.

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