This Saturday, Oct. 26th, we have a do-not-miss workshop on self-editing your manuscript. Useful for both new writers and veterans alike, SSRA Vice-President and Paranormal Romance Author Dylan Newton will be walking you through all you need to know to take your manuscript from Snore to “More!”

In Saturday’s workshop, you’ll learn the following:

Edited Page

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  • Clues on how to know where you’ll need to make surgical cuts in your manuscript to give you a tighter, better novel.
  • When you need to kill your darlings, and how to ‘recycle’ them for future works.
  • A walk-through of how to use MS Word editing features to help in your self-editing process.
  • How to spot passive voice and (even better) how to correct it.
  • Getting out of the telling vs. showing habit.
  • and more!

PLUS…at the end of this workshop, we will be testing our new skills and you will get to see a real-life example of edits on a manuscript before and after edits!

Author Dylan Newton

Author Dylan Newton

Make sure your pencils are sharpened and you are ready to take notes! We have a fantastic meeting planned for you this Saturday from 10-2pm.