SSRA Road TripSummer is a great time for travel, be it by car, plane, RV, or the comfort of our armchairs with some great reading material – like the latest issue of Mermaid Tales. Time for a virtual road trip!

In this issue, travel vicariously with Jennifer Taylor as she humorously laments the difficulties of writing while RVing. Loretta Rogers reminds us why it is so important to be a part of a writing group such as Romance Writers of America® and Sunshine State Romance Authors to hone our craft and avoid the perils on the road to professional publication. Flossie Benton Rogers keeps our minds occupied with her hilarious “Maladies of Writers” word game while Barry Denham heats things up by urging us to write what we know… and then some! Jessica Nelson fills our picnic baskets with Critter Sandwiches as she offers some very good advice on the proper way to offer and receive critiques on our writing as Cheryl Charles signals the end of our summertime travels with her article on using local classes and online resources to keep current with technology in this digital age of publishing.

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