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SSRA is a Florida based non-profit chapter of Romance Writers of America® (RWA). Our mission is to provide continuing education and professional support for career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy.

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Our General Meetings are from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The business meeting begins at 10:15 a.m.

The program starts at 11:45 a.m.
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President’s Message

Hi everyone, I’m the new SSRA president for 2018-2020, Ronnie Allen. I want to welcome all visitors to our website and I’m going to tell you a bit about our chapter.

RWA is the largest writing organization in the world, focusing on education for career oriented romance writers that span across all genres.

Our chapter, Sunshine State Romance Authors, opened its doors in 2012 and we’re in our sixth year.

We offer workshops at every meeting. Workshops that will increase your knowledge of the craft from the inception of your idea through final draft. You’ll learn what you need to do to write an effective query letter and synopsis. You’ll learn what to look for in publishing.

We are not a publisher. We cannot help you become published. We do not guarantee you’ll become published.

With consistence attendance, you’ll learn very useful information. For example, when SSRA was founded there were three traditionally published authors. Now in its sixth year, there are over twenty traditional and indie published authors combined.

So is attendance worth it? Is membership worth it so you’ll have access to meetings, workshop materials, discounted paid workshops, our Facebook group, and more? Only you can answer that question. How badly do you want to become a publisher author? Can you taste it, smell it, feel it down to your very core? Then you have your answer. Is membership worth it? A resounding yes! We hope to see you at our meetings.

President, Sunshine State Romance Authors

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Life After Death – Protecting your writing legacy

March 24, 2018

A will tells everyone what should happen to your money, possessions and property after you die. If you are an author what happens to your copyrights, your royalties, and your social media accounts if you die without a will? Cofounder and past president of Sunshine State Romance Authors, Inc., Loretta C. Rogers’ novels are in […]

Writing Deep Point Of View

April 28, 2018

Deep POV is one of the most important tools in a writer’s toolbox, the most difficult to achieve, but helps sell books. Sponsored by Sunshine State Romance Authors, Inc., this free workshop is for aspiring writers and published authors.   Loretta C. Rogers will present helpful hints on how to get so deep into a story […]

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